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PrepPen Adjustable Sanding Pen

by Tony Losey last modified 2005-11-21 09:07 AM
PrepPen Adjustable Sanding Pen


    The Monroe spot sanding pen is the original fiberglass sanding brush in a pen type holder. With as many uses as this product has it is indispensable for your tool box or desk drawer. The small diameter allows it to reach into tight spots. the pencil style applicator is easy to use and includes refills. Whether you are a jeweler, electrician, hobbiest, mechanic or engineer, the Monroe spot sanding pen is an inexpensive solution to lot's of little problems.

    • Removes rust paint and wax for auto touch up paint
    • Preps metal surfaces for hardness testing
    • Cleans surfaces to aid glue adhesion
    • Polishes medals, coins, and small instrument parts
    • Cleans electrical contacts and PCB boards
    • Deburrs edges of small metal parts
    • Save time and money by replacing folded sandpaper with PrepPen.
    • Scuff, sand, degloss, clean. Faster, easier and saves money.
    • Won't scratch glass or chrome.
    • Reach where sandpaper can't.
    • Also great for removing rust from paint chips or tight spots.
    • Cleans electrical connectors too.
    • Comes with extra long-lasting refill cartridge inside handle.
    • Refills available in 2 pack.
    • Brass contact cleaning brush
    • Copper contact cleaning brush
    • Electrical contact cleaning brush
    • PCB Claeaning Brush
    • Hobby Brush
    • Metal surface prep brush
    • Auto touch up brush
    • Coin polishing brush
    • Deburring brush
    • Fiberglass detail brush
    • Electric contact cleaning brush
    • Economy fiberglass brush
    • Micro fiberglass brush
    • Fiberglass erasing brush
    • Pcb Cleaning Pen/Brush
    • QC Cleaning Pen (Hardness testing surface testing)
    • Surface Prep pen
    • Restoration pen brush (clean parts)
    • Aerospace detail pen/brush